Why Massachusetts Mortgage Companies Choose the Law Office of Kathryn A. Toomey To Close Their Loans

Kathryn A. Toomey has developed close working relationships with many mortgage lenders in the Central Massachusetts area, and has successfully closed loans on behalf of banks, mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. We recognize the importance of providing exemplary service above all else, and treating each closing as if it were our only closing.

The first key to providing outstanding service to a lender is establishing communication. At this office you speak with an Attorney, and not just a paralegal, is available to respond to questions from the borrower, the underwriter, the realtor and the loan processors. We often represent lenders in transactions where we were first involved in the negotiation of the purchase and sale agreement, thus we have detailed knowledge of the entire transaction. Being able to communicate with the lender about specific details of the purchase allows the lender to resolve issues before they become problems.

We pride ourselves on recognizing that not all borrowers are alike. Certain borrowers expect to receive regular updates on the progress of the work involved in the closing; others do not want to hear from us other than to know when and where the closing will take place. We tailor our level of communication to meet each client’s preference.

Law Office of Kathryn A. Toomey makes every effort to utilize the latest available technology to enhance our communication with both lenders and borrowers.

When the closing date arrives, we realize the importance of a smooth, comfortable, worry-free event. We are particularly flexible in terms of the timing and location of the scheduled closing. We offer to travel to the place of the closing, be it in the county Registry of Deeds, the homeowners residence, office or at our office.

The Law Office of Kathryn A. Toomey welcomes the opportunity to work with banks, mortgage brokers, and lenders to provide the highest level of service for buyers and sellers of residential real estate. Please contact  us by phone or though our website to learn more.