Criminal Defense

Kathryn Toomey is an aggressive and successful trial and criminal defense attorney handling all criminal cases in the Worcester County region, from misdemeanors to felony charges. With a focus on Massachusetts drunk driving laws, domestic violence, assault and battery, drug cases and student crimes in Worcester, Attorney Toomey’s criminal defense results speak for themselves.
An experienced criminal defense attorney in Worcester, Massachusetts, Attorney Toomey stands at the top with an impressive defense record in the Worcester County area, including experience in:

  • Massachusetts drunk driving laws
  • Operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs (OUI);
  • Domestic Violence and Spousal Abuse
  • Abuse Prevention Order Violations, Restraining Orders
  • Assault and Battery
  • Robbery and Grand Theft
  • Abuse Prevention Order Violations
  • Drug cases, Drug Possession, Intent to Sell
  • Motor Vehicle stops, including illegal search and seizures of evidence; and
  • And other misdemeanor and felony cases requiring aggressive Criminal Defense.

If you are being investigated or may be under investigation for a crime that allegedly took place in Massachusetts, you need to contact a well-qualified criminal defense lawyer immediately. Going unrepresented should not be an option, as the stakes are too high and without the proper advice, you could unknowingly talk yourself into getting charged, arrested and/or convicted. There are many things an experienced and skillful attorney can do to resolve a criminal case before it results in charges and/or a trial, either of which could have a devastating effect on your life. If you have already been charged, however, and a trial is inevitable, Attorney Toomey provides the best representation you can obtain.